7 365 Presence Now Web Design in Orlando

Our mission is to find the best website solution for our clients needs, on time and on budget.

Lisa Fernandez

Owner and CEO,
7 365 Presence Now

Owner and CEO Lisa Fernandez has provided website design solutions for small businesses in the Central Florida Area and nationwide since 2002. She favors responsive WordPress sites that connect small businesses with their online customers worldwide.

Delivering solutions that meet and exceed customers’ expectations is our her mission; it is the promise that we at 7 365 Presence Now set as a goal every day as we bring our website design services to you, the business owner.

Lisa Fernandez has worked as a freelance Web Designer and Developer for many years, and has also worked as a developer for national corporations such as Xerox, Global Crossing, American Automobile Association, and Yahoo, Inc.

In her spare time, Lisa enjoys travel, being in nature, triathlon and mountain biking.